Betm Font Family

Betm Font Family – 20 Fonts


Designed by Typesketchbook, Betm is a simple sans-serif font that comes with 10 weights, along with 10 italic options to match.

Designers: Chatnarong Jingsuphatada

Betm Hairline

Betm Hairline Oblicua

Betm Thin

Betm Thin Oblicua

Betm Extralight

Betm Extralight Oblicua

Betm Light

Betm Light Oblicua

Betm Book

Betm Book Oblicua


Betm Oblicua

Betm Medium

Betm Medium Oblicua

Betm Bold

Betm Bold Oblicua

Betm Black

Betm Black Oblicua

Betm Extrablack

Betm Extrablack Oblicua




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