Boncaire Titling

Boncaire Titling Font Family – 12 Font

OTF | 12 Fonts

Inspired by the type elements of 17th century Dutch mapmaking, Boncaire Titling provides you with a historic yet adventurous look for your library.

This addition from insigne™ found its muse in a map of Curacao by Dutch cartographer Gerard Van Keulen, a member of the prosperous Van Keulen family from Amsterdam, who were engaged in the manufacture of maps for seafaring.

Much thanks on this project goes to The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, housed at the Boston Public Library. Through the center’s kindness, I was able to view a number of period maps in person and to meet with curators, who explained more about the Van Keulen family and the way maps of the period were created.

Boncaire Titling Thin

Boncaire Titling Thin Italic

Boncaire Titling Light

Boncaire Titling Light Italic

Boncaire Titling Regular

Boncaire Titling Italic

Boncaire Titling Medium

Boncaire Titling Med Italic

Boncaire Titling Bold

Boncaire Titling Bold Italic

Boncaire Titling Black

Boncaire Titling Black Italic




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