Bulo Font Family

Bulo Font Family
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Bulo Rounded is a real Rounded: not only the beginning and the end of the strokes are rounded, but also the counters and the intersections of the glyphs.

The result is a smooth effect that brings a warm feeling, and the rounded text is perceived in a logical and natural way.

Bulo Hair Blond

Bulo Hair Blond Italic

Bulo Hair Dark

Bulo Hair Dark Italic

Bulo Thin

Bulo Thin Italic

Bulo Light

Bulo Light Italic


Bulo Italic

Bulo Medium

Bulo Medium Italic

Bulo Bold

Bulo Bold Italic

Bulo Black

Bulo Black Italic

Bulo ExtraBlack

Bulo ExtraBlack Italic

Bulo UltraBlack

Bulo UltraBlack Italic




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