The idea behind Geotica was to build a font out of -more or less- simple geometrical line elements. The open wire frame could then be left open or (partially) filled. Geotica comes in four different grades or line thicknesses (One, Two, Three and Four) so it’s suitable for a broad use. Each grade has four styles and is loaded with swashes, final forms, lots of ligatures and ornaments.



Geotica One

Geotica One Engraved

Geotica One Open

Geotica One Fill

Geotica Two

Geotica Two Engraved

Geotica Two Open

Geotica Two Fill

Geotica Three

Geotica Three Engraved

Geotica Three Open

Geotica Three Fill

Geotica Four

Geotica Four Engraved

Geotica Four Open

Geotica Four Fill




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