Graphie Font Family
OTF | 16 Fonts

Graphie is a modern geometric sans-serif family designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and the whole family consists of 16 style: eight weights from Thin to ExtraBold and their matching Italics.

The range of styles provides flexibility for title, headline and body text. And the clear-cut-corner, vibrant straight lines and large x-heights give them legibility, readability and keenness.
The basic skeleton of their letterform was designed geometrically and optically corrected. The sophisticated geometric design gives them universality, neutrality and sense of unity and make it possible to be used across a wide range of applications in all medias, all purposes.
Graphie supports almost all European languages: Western, Central, South Eastern Europeans and afrikaans. And superior figures, inferior figures, denominators, numerators and fraction can be accessed by using OpenType features.

Graphie Thin

Graphie Thin Italic

Graphie Extra Light

Graphie Extra Light Italic

Graphie Light

Graphie Light Italic

Graphie Book

Graphie Book Italic

Graphie Regular

Graphie Italic

Graphie Semi Bold

Graphie Semi Bold Italic

Graphie Bold

Graphie Bold Italic

Graphie Extra Bold

Graphie Extra Bold Italic




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