Grungy Old Typewrite

Grungy Old Typewrite
6 OTF Fonts | Designer: Roger Ridpath | Design Date: Apr 14, 2015

This font is based on two typed letters, each on two pages and dated 1901. The results are eroded, rough, irregular and grungy. The final results are a vintage look. As a designer I wanted as much flexibility as possible so there are 6 versions that are design to work together. Additionally I decided to keep the grunge and irregularities within the shape and not include surrounding typewriter or paper marks. I leave it to the design to add those elements as desired.

One note, the letter spacing is much tighter than an old typewriter. I felt that readability for modern readers suffered with the added space. Of course you can get that same look by increasing the letter spacing in your favorite design program.


Grungy Old Typewriter

Grungy Old Typewriter Italic

Grungy Old Typewriter Fat

Grungy Old Typewriter Smooth

Grungy Old Typewriter Starved

Grungy Old Typewriter Ghost





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