Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans

Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans Font Family
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“Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans” is a rough and dirty sans-serif Font with authentic stamp look.

Hand Stamped. A–Z (× 4) and 0–9 (x 3) are each many different forms. Is intended to show the hand-made nature and the vibrancy of the display font. The different pressure (velocity) of the stamp on paper creates a liveliness in the typeface.

Standard ligatures like ae, oe, AE, OE, ff, fl, fi, fj, ffl, ffj, ffi, and more decorative ligatures like CT, LL, LI, LU, MM, OO, TH, TT, TU, UH and two Versal Eszett (Capital Letter Double S) give the Font more life and shows that despite their retro-looks works with modern OpenType technology (type love for ❤ and the word luck for ☘ … ).


Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans




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