Model Font Family

Model Font Family
OTF, WOFF | 8 Fonts

What is needed to be a top model? What is required to become successful? After a casting with the agency, if you are lucky enough, you only have to wait till you are called again. Ok no, it’s not just that.

After you are chosen, you immerse yourself in a totally new world which has tough rules: Like Plato and his -Theory of Ideas-, you are guided to become a mould. A blueprint of beauty. A model to be followed.
So what are the characteristics, the rules of that blueprint? These are the questions I thought of to make Model look like a top model.
When designing a typeface, one has to be conscious of superfluous details. Although I am always tempted to add little personal touches, experience taught me that the phrase -less is more- is totally true. In Model, the letters (like models do) participated of a contest: An event in which models engage in competition against each other, often for a prize or similar incentive. The prize was staying in the font! yay!
Tall, delicate, refined, the right amount of elegancy: These were some of the aspects to be chosen. Typographically speaking, these things were achieved thanks to a tall x-height (which leaded the font to be somehow condensed), a subtle contrast between thicks and thins, and just the right amount of decorative swirls.

  • Designers: Maximiliano Sproviero


Model Pro

Model Standard One

Model Standard Two

Model Standard Three

Model Small Pro

Model Small Standard One

Model Small Standard Two

Model Small Standard Three




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