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New Age Gothic is an original design by Alex Kaczun. It is acontemporary gothic design based on generous proportions and clean crisp lines. Ideally suited for easy reading and long lines of copy. The concept for the design came from a previously successful font family Contax Pro. Alex felt that the skeleton for Contax Pro was ideally suited to modify the design into a true gothic companiontypeface series.Numerous modifications where made to the body proportions, stems and shapes. Serifs where added reminiscent to Copperplate Gothic to solidify the overall design. The result is a truly unique modern gothic font. Unlike other typefaces, New Age Gothic incorporates uniform stems throughout the capitals, lower case and figures. This gives the design a uniform appearance in overall color and strength. There is a perfect visual balance between inter-letter spacing, stem weights and proportions.


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: Dec 13, 2014
: 7Z
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: Free for Personal Use
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