Pobla Font Family

Pobla Font Family – 12 Fonts


Optimum readability in small bodies with scarce interlining, under poor printing conditions such as in newspapers, where velocity and bad quality’s irregular surface papers, truly distort strokes was the challenge taken.

Pobla was designed with this in mind, hence Patau present a hybrid between the conventional strokes of a serif’s classical roman type and markedly “fractured” forms inside, providing a unique personality to this typographic family, where calligraphic’s humanistic axis is visibly broken with the straight axis of the fabricated letters.

  • Designers: Josep Patau



Pobla Light

Pobla Light Italic

Pobla Book

Pobla Book Italic


Pobla Italic

Pobla Demi Bold

Pobla Demi Bold Italic

Pobla Bold

Pobla Bold Italic

Pobla Heavy

Pobla Heavy Italic




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