Raldo RE Font

Raldo RE Font Family

The revised and expanded Raldo RE includes plenty of new features not available in the previous version:There are four (4) additional styles: Raldo RE Text and Text Italic as well as Black and Black Italic. In total, there are 10 styles in the Raldo RE font family. All fonts contain the complete Latin character set for Western and Central Europe. The complete character set for each style of Raldo RE can be viewed on our website by clicking the corresponding character set icons. Moreover, all Raldo RE styles come with various special glyphs like arrows and geometric symbols. Last but not least, the styles Text, Regular, Semibold and Bold include small caps plus small caps figures and monetary symbols.

Raldo RE Pro supports the following OpenType Features:

Fractions, ordinals, small caps (RaldoRE Text, Regular, Semibold und Bold only), superiors, inferiors, nominator, denominator, tabular figures, small caps figures, lining figures, old style figures.


Demo Raldo RE Font


Download Raldo RE Font


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