Slowglass Typeface

Slowglass Typeface

Slowglass is a futuristic geometric display face with a retro twist. This design is unicase, with most of the letters taking the form traditionally considered lowercase. The glyphs in the regular and bold weights have common advance widths.

The typeface features automatic OpenType fractions, superscript, subscript, and four sets of numerals: old-style and lining, tabular and proportional. The lining figures and currency symbols are aligned with the x-height.

The fonts support most Latin languages, including Vietnamese, and polytonic Greek. An OpenType localization feature for the Turkic languages replaces dotted capital ‘i’ with a dotless one. Another one for Catalan ensures correct spacing of the punt volat.

If you need a commercial licence, please visit

: Aug 1, 2017
: 2,117
: Adam Jagosz
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slowglass-regular The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
slowglass-bold The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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