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The oil chart is something that is very important when it comes to understanding the market. Learning how to read the oil chart is more than just knowing what prices are, they are a vital part of knowing what to expect in the future oil market as well. It is not something that everyone should learn how to do, but for those people that are able to master the art there are a lot of benefits that can come from it. You will find that having the ability to understand the oil chart is going to be one of the best ways that you can predict how much oil prices will go up or down. This is especially useful if you are going to trade in the futures market.

If you look at the grafico petrolio you will notice that there are a number of different things that can be included on it. There is the monthly blend, the heavy, sweet crude oil and the light, sweet crude oil chart. The monthly blend shows the changes that have taken place within the world oil market, it shows how production and demand have changed over time. The heavy sweet crude oil chart includes all the countries that export oil to the U.S. and then all of the countries that actually export oil to other countries. These are the countries that usually have a big effect on oil prices.
One of the first things that you need to understand when it comes to oil futures and oil market prediction is that the futures contracts that are entered into each day are done so based on speculations. What this means is that they are based on nothing more than suppositions. One thing that is known about futures is that they are short-term investments. If an investor is looking for a long-term chart that tells them how the market is going to act in the future they are going to need to look to the heavy sweet crude oil futures market. What happens in the market is that oil is bought up and then sold short. This is what happens over again with the oil futures contract, and when these contracts are entered into the market the chances of seeing large profits become slim to none.
However, when looking at this type of chart you should understand that there are several factors that go into predicting the behavior of the market and the behavior of the oil futures contract itself. One of the main factors is the strength of the US dollar, and this is because the strength of the dollar directly relates to the strength of the oil market, which is directly connected to the strength of the US dollar. Other things that can affect the correlation of the market and the charts include; GDP growth, employment growth, business spending and investment spending, inflation, commodity prices, interest rates and many other things. The correlation of these factors will tell you how strong the economy is and how strong the market is going to be.
In looking at a long-term uptrend on a crude oil chart you will notice that the pattern consists of a few key elements. First there is the high of the price and then the low. Next there is a line that connects these two points together forming a U-shape. This U-shape represents a strong trend that is expected to continue for some time, though there are some signs that indicate that the strength of this trend may lessen over time.
A bearish pattern is a different scenario on a crude oil chart and it looks something like this. On a bearish chart you will notice that the price of oil has fallen from the high and has fallen to a lower price. There is a bright line that connects the low and the high indicating a break out of the trend. This breakout is also accompanied with a cloud of negative numbers on the chart. These numbers signify that the trend may weaken over time and the market may not continue in its current path.
The bottom of the U-shape and a cloud of negative numbers represent the end of a bullish trend. As the oil futures and options markets mature the bulls will begin to take profit and the U-shape may begin to flatten out. When this happens traders will need to enter or exit the market and the top of the candle will become blocked out by the block of sellers. At this point the trader should no longer be in favor of the oil futures and options contract since they are in a long position and the stock or bond market may have taken an even bigger hit. In fact, many people will now sell all their short positions and sit back until the futures and options contracts finish at the current levels.
The relationship between oil and natural gas prices is a very important one. Oil is the largest liquid commodity traded on the global markets and the price of oil has been a main determinant of the cost of gasoline for years. There is a strong correlation between oil prices and the price of gold as well. Gold has also been determined to be one of the safe havens in times of economic and financial trouble and the correlation between crude oil and natural gas prices is only going to get stronger as the years pass.

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