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Brigast Typeface

Brigast Typeface is a serif font with very beautiful and popular alternates, comes with a modern style hoping to become a market favorite. We keep this font looking elegant, classy, ​​easy to read, stylish, attractive and easy to use.

Deiya Font

Deiya Font is a unique display serif font. We made this font unique, easy to use. Deiya Font is a great choice for brands, brand names, branding, labels, and other projects. 

Cinema Cartoon Font

Cinema Cartoon Font is a round, fat display font. designed to become a favorite market. We made this font look cool, classy, ​​contemporary, stylish, attractive and interesting. Cinema Cartoon is a great choice for children, babies, children's films,

Sauce Tomato Typeface

Sauce Tomato Typeface is a bold retro serif typeface font that is good for design needs, creating a font that is most needed by many people in the hope of becoming a market favorite.

The Lagez Brush Cool Font

The Lagez Brush Cool Font - According to market demand, the font is more likely to be a modern font, so I decided to make a modern horror brush font that is in your view. The The Lagez font is a challenging and very popular contest band/music or horror brush font