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Carlsons Font

Carlsons Font is a display font set inspired by vintage typography used on printed posters, matchboxes, postcards, advertisements etc. Carlsons offers seven font family, Three layering typeface & complete with condense, slab, and vintage script version.

Nightwish Font

Nightwish Font is a fast paced, stylish typeface with a retro edge. Its bold, exaggerated strokes and flamboyant embellishments mirror the flamboyance and glamour of the disco era, reminiscent of neon lights illuminating a bustling dance floor.

Massivemoon Font

Massivemoon Font is a new bold font created by Fortunes Co with alternative characters. Its bold strokes and quirky serifs harken back to the golden age of design, reminiscent of vintage posters and classic advertisements

Artheria Font

Artheria Font is calligraphy typeface with a classic style and a touch of elegance, inspired by the handwriting of Italian women and ancient manuscripts. The classic style of this font is suitable for Classic /vintage themed designs but can also be used for designs with other styles.

Bored To Death Font

Bored To Death Font is a all-caps handmade brush font manufactured by Fortunes Co. The font was designed using the manual watercolor technique, taking inspiration from underground bands, metal music and a combination of horror movie titles,

Parfume Font

Parfume Font is a serif typeface from Fortunes Co that looks modern, elegant and luxurious. combining clean lines with refined serifs, they exude a sophisticated and professional vibe, making them a popular choice for digital and print media alike.

Neueral Font

Neueral Font is a geometric sans-serif font family created by Fortunes Co with a modern impression, neutral font variable so it is very functional in making logo designs, article, wayfinding, system fonts, branding, business cards and many others.

Vienna Typeface

Vienna Typeface is a versatile, modern and elegant typeface that blends traditional and modern design elements to create a distinct, stylish look. This typeface is characterized by serifs, or small lines added to the end of a stroke, that give it a classic and sophisticated feel.

Milestone Font

Milestone Font is a bold retro brush with roots in 1940s and 1950s Americana. Milestone inspired from Vintage baseball sport, sign painting, labeling, suitable for logo, product names packages, labels, old fashioned coffee shops,

Sunnyside Font

Sunnyside Font is handmade bold retro typeface crafted & designed by Fortunes Co. Sunny is Retri vintage typeface suit for retro 80s theme, suit for cover magazine, brochure, logo, Headline or Quotes, Stand alone display and short paragraph or contents.

Celestial Font

Celestial Font is a handmade display typeface drawing inspiration from the psychedelic posters of the 1800s yet made versatile enough for everyday use. It's vintage, retro, and modern all in one.

Boldie Slab Font

Boldie Slab Font is a groovy retro slab serif typeface crafted & designed by Fortunes Co. There are 7 different styles that you can...

Hallway Font

Hallway Bold Script Font This is a bold script font that carries the vintage feel. It’s designed and shared by Fortunes Co. This font is...

Catilde Serif Font

Catilde Serif Font has a soft look that is expressed through delicate serifs and strong stems, so that it accentuates the impression of elegance...

Modular Font Family

Introducing Modular Font Family. Modular makes it easy to give any brand or advertising a cool & futuristic look. Modular communicates an affinity for technology – in a friendly way. Modular is Uppercase typeface with strong character, unified