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Slab Serif Fonts

Slab Serif Font also called mechanistic, square serif, antique or Egyptian, typeface is a type of serif typeface characterized by thick, block-like serifs. Serif terminals may be either blunt and angular (Rockwell), or rounded (Courier). Slab serifs were introduced in the early nineteenth century.

Slab serif fonts are typically used for display purposes—headlines, posters, billboards, logos, and other situations where bold type can stand out.

Queulat Font Family

Queulat Condensed Free Demo Queulat Font Family is a slab serif font – designed by Latinotype. Queulat Font is a hybrid typeface that combines two different styles,...

Jutlandia Slab Font Family

Jutlandia Slab Font Family. Jutlandia Slab is made for straightforward and functional typographic design. Its design is rooted in clarity and legibility which is the slab serif tradition.

Concetta Kalvani Serif Font

Concetta Kalvani Serif Font This font is FREE for PERSONAL USE! But any donation are very appreciated because your donation will help us to create more fonts.

Hodgeson Display Font

Hodgeson Display Font is a stylish luxury serif family. Made for any professional project branding. Made from font designer named Arterfak Project. And It's...

Kagura Font

Kagura – Free Font This free custom font is from Ezeqviel Ergo. Download & enjoy ;) Please take a look at amazing artworks from Ezeqviel Ergo...

Exposé Typeface

  Exposé Display Font I want to introduce to you a new display font. That is Exposé Typeface! Exposé designed and shared by James Lewis. Exposé is...

Ganges Slab Font Family

  Ganges Light Free Demo Glad to introduce to you a slab font family. Introducing Ganges Slab Font Family! Ganges was designed by ROHH. Ganges Slab is a...

Chateau de Garage Font

Chateau de Garage Font — By HENRIavecunK Chateau de Garage is a bold but still soft slab serif, with a slight retro feeling. This font is...

Metro Barat Font

Metro Barat Font - A stunning slab serif font, with a cool modern style for a variety of creative projects such as logos, t-shirts, jerseys, stickers, labels, jersey numbers, sports businesses, magazines, and many other creative ideas. 

Widges Modern Font Demo

Widges Modern Font Demo is perfect for many different project such as logos & branding, invitation, stationery, designs, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product designs, label, photography, watermark, special events or anything

Crabs Slab Font

Crabs Slab Font This is a versatile font family. Strong uppercase and smooth open lowercase are effective in a variety of applications and have 9...

Brix Slab Font Family

Brix Slab Font is a slab serif font family that is so bold and provides many choices for one font family & Sporty. It was designed by Hannes von Döhren & Livius Dietzel in 2011. Brix Slab is a robust slab serif family with subtle details.

Arthur Font

Arthur Font is a serif font crafted with elegance and luxury, exuding femininity and glamor but also a side of beauty with plenty of alternatives and ties to help you create endless variations for your creative needs.

Josefin Slab Font Family

Josefin Slab - Google Fonts. Glad to introduce to you an impressive typeface slab. Introducing Josefin Slab Font Family! Josefin Slab designed by Typemade. Josefin Slab...

Bunday Slab Font Family

  Bunday™ Slab Font Family You are required to design a set of fonts in your new project, I want to introduce to you a new...

MADE Likes Font Family

Font is Free for personal and commercial use. Contact me email: [email protected]

Ficticcia College Font

Ficticcia-College Font Made by Galdino Otten

Lumphong Font

Lumphong Font is a serif modern and classic typeface that has own unique style & modern look. This typeface is perfect for an elegant & luxury logo, book or movie title design, fashion brand, magazine, clothes, lettering, quotes, and so much more. 

Klinic Slab Font

Klinic Slab Font - Designed by Joe Prince In 4 weights (and italics), the 8 font Klinic Slab family is one of our most comprehensive releases...

Knocked Font

Knocked Slab Serif Font is a condensed slab serif typeface with strong look and feel. Knocked fonts is have a inspiration like Collage fonts, Varsity...

Vacer Serif Personal Font

Vacer-Serif Personal font —  by Måns Grebäck To purchase a commercial license, visit: http://www.mansgreback.com/vacer-serif For questions or proposals, feel very free to mail [email protected] Visit my...

Diezma Round Slab

Diezma is a typeface with rounded Slab serifs that give it a modern and elegant look in the lighter versions, the thicker versions complement...

Shivani Font

Shivani Font is an elegant and versatile display font that will make your typography truly unique! It will enchant every logo, branding, headline, or plain text!

Belgrano Font

Belgrano is a slab serif type designed initially for printed newspapers. It has been adapted for use on the web, with coarse terminals and...