Modern Fonts

Modern fonts are recognizable by their thin, long horizontal serifs, and clear-cut thick/thin transitions in the strokes. The stress is vertical, i.e. there is no slant on the letters. Modern fonts, also known as contemporary or neoclassical fonts, refer to a style of typefaces that emerged in the late 18th and early 19th centuries as a departure from the ornate and elaborate designs of earlier periods. Modern fonts are characterized by their clean, crisp lines, minimalistic embellishments, and a focus on simplicity and legibility.

Galdien Font

Galdien Font – Modern Sans Serif Font is definitely a testament to simplicity and elegance in contemporary design. It seamlessly blends modernity with readability.

Amadi Font

Amadi Font is a delightful typeface that dances to its own beat, infusing a dash of whimsy and charm into your designs. With its quirky serifs and playful letterforms, Amadi takes the traditional serif style and gives it a whimsical twist.

Morfire Font

Morfire Font is a bold condensed display typeface with an assertive and athletic aesthetic. It will elevate a wide range of crafting ideas, from cards, to branding, labels and much more.

Talea Font

Talea Font Designed for versatility, our Elegant Display Serif Font is a sophisticated choice for a myriad of design projects.

Rokey Font

Rokey Font is a harmonious blend of beauty and versatility. This typeface is thoughtfully designed with exquisite ligatures and graceful alternates, elevating your designs to new levels of sophistication.

Milky Font

Milky Font is a captivating fusion of bold and thin elements in every letterform. This versatile typeface is meticulously crafted to bring a perfect balance of strength and finesse to your designs.

Peach Melon Font

Peach Melon Font is a versatile and stylish typeface designed to elevate all your design needs. This font seamlessly blends the timeless sophistication of serif with a touch of grooviness, creating a unique and engaging visual experience.

Dance Blues Font

Dance Blues Font is a funniest and unique font. It has a unique and different style will give your design a fun touch.

Morelan Font

Morelan Font is a serif modern and classic typeface that has own unique style & modern look. This typeface is perfect for an elegant & luxury logo, book or movie title design, fashion brand, magazine, clothes, lettering, quotes, and so much more. 

Milky Sundae Font

Milky Sundae Font has a sweet classic style so it is a suitable element for nostalgic themed designs. With more than 370+ quick access alternates and ligatures at your fingertips, you’ll have endless decorative possibilities to explore.

The Glorious Font

The Glorious Font is a highly versatile and elegant serif font that exudes a timeless charm. The alternate can make to classic or stay on modern. it's to good to make variant on your work.

Kartex Font

Kartex Font is a stylish serif with beautiful ligatures. It’s designed and shared by FG Studios. This unique font is perfect for creating beautiful logotypes, stunning magazine designs, titles, branding and more.

Neugrooms Font

Neugrooms Font is a geometric sans font who dares the modernism and the harmony of the curves. Crafted for versatility, this font is ideal for a myriad of projects, including taglines, headlines, body text, logo design, and various other creative endeavors.

Capitellium Font

Capitellium Font is a strong and bold sans font exudes strength and confidence with its clean lines and thick letterforms. Each character in Capitellium is meticulously crafted to bring a dynamic and modern twist to your designs, adding a sense of stylish dynamism.

Empirica Font Family

Empirica Font is a modern serif font family designed with a tight letterspace, exuding a unique, minimalist charm. First commissioned for magazine headlines, its close spacing and delicate serifs are ideal for large sizes.

Magefin Font Family

Magefin Font is a versatile slab serif font from Muksal Creative that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your design projects. Magefin has 9 families Regular font, starting from the small thin to the largest Black.

Fornest Font

Fornest Font is a classic serif font with many features including ligatures, tons of alternates and multilingual support. It's to good to make variant on your work. Fornest is a great choice for fashion projects, headlines, titles,

Fragor Font

Fragor Font is a multipurpose font from Nirmana Visual that is perfect for any project, with high-contrast glyphs, giving it an elegant, feminine and masculine, modern, and easy-to-read quality.

Carmila Font

Carmila Font is an elegant serif font family with a feminine style. This beautiful collection will instantly add class to all of your design projects.

Angel Peach Font

Angel Peach Font is a serif modern ligature and alternate classic typeface that has own unique style & modern look. It is perfect for your up coming projects. Such as luxury logo and branding, classy editorial design, woman magazine, cosmetic brand,

Dealing Font

Dealing Font is sharp serif font with an elegant feel. Unique character by combining geometric shapes with organic curvy details. Inspired by modern fashion and classic typography, this font features hundreds of alternative characters and ligatures.

Unblocker Font

Unblocker Font is a fascinating and dynamic headline typeface with a commanding presence and timeless elegance. Unblocker emanates a bold personality that draws the eye and demands attention.

Chemicalife Font

Chemicalife Font is a stunning hand-drawn letterpress typeface created to take your poster designs to new heights, and embrace its retro appeal and aesthetic attraction.

Mildstones Font

Mildstones Font - A contemporary bold condensed sans serif typeface created to breathe life into headlines with its eye-catching presence. Mildstones attracts attention and takes any design project to a new level with its striking and fashionable look.