Slab Serif Fonts

Slab Serif Font also called mechanistic, square serif, antique or Egyptian, typeface is a type of serif typeface characterized by thick, block-like serifs. Serif terminals may be either blunt and angular (Rockwell), or rounded (Courier). Slab serifs were introduced in the early nineteenth century.

Slab serif fonts are typically used for display purposes—headlines, posters, billboards, logos, and other situations where bold type can stand out.

Frust Stonig Font

Frust Stonig Font is a condensed slab serif typeface that merges modern design elements with the traditional characteristics of slab serif typefaces. What sets Frust Stonig apart is its incorporation of ink traps,

Hybryda Font

Hybryda Font is a bold slab-serif font. It combines letters categorised as both sans and slab serif, unified by high contrast. Combining retro feeling with contemporary approach Hybryda forms unique headlines for web, editorial and packaging design.

Kulturista Font Family

Kulturista Font Family is a minimalist slab serif font family. The drawings are based on the sans-serif Nudista typeface, and Kulturista also inherits Nudista’s distinctive narrowed character proportions, range of weights and glyph sets.

Colt Font Family

Colt Font Family is a slab serif font with a retro feel that's perfect for any project that needs a touch of old-school charm. The wide letterforms arose out of a love for type found on vehicles made in the sixties.

Unispare Font

Unispare Font is a slab serif font crafted & designed by Letterhend Studio. Unispare inspired by the 80s and 90s vibe font. Perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, headline, signage and the other various formal forms such as invitations,

Funky Beats Font

Funky Beats Font is a slab serif typeface with vintage and retro look!. Available in 2 styles, Grunge and Rough. Inspired by urban charm with grunge texture featuring reverse contrast, perfect for projects seeking a gritty and unconventional vibe.

Sober Font

Sober Font is a charming and timeless slab serif font that exudes simplicity and versatility. Sober is packed with nine weights and supports Latin and Cyrillic scripts. Sober is also available as a variable typeface, providing variations in weight within a single font file.

Gosmic Inkwill Font

Gosmic Inkwill Font is a vintage & bold slab serif font inspired by urban culture with strong characters. With its unique design inspired by the cosmic universe, this font offers a striking and futuristic aesthetic.

Outfielder Font

Outfielder Font is a bold, rough textured and thick lettered slab serif font. It will elevate a wide range of crafting ideas, from cards, to branding, labels and much more. 

Bw Glenn Slab Font Family

Bw Glenn Slab Font Family is a simple yet versatile slab serif font. Its strict geometry and open shapes provide a very legible and clean texture, performing well on print and screens alike.

Factoria Font Family

Factoria Font Family is a geometric, square slab. Inspired by the years that prefaced the ratification of the 18th amendment, this typeface mimics the signage commonly seen outside of saloons, taverns and alehouses.

Point Guard Font

Point Guard Font is a strong, sturdy, versatile font for sports applications and much much more. It’s a guaranteed home-run whenever the need arises for a big hitting, bold typography – ideal for logos, merchandise, posters, and standout display text.

Bosan Mirull Font

Bosan Mirull Font is a stunning font with a charming Asian twist. Each curve of the letters expresses the softness and charm of Korea’s rich culture, creating an atmosphere flowing with natural beauty.

Pitacco Slab Font

Pitacco Slab Font is a cool and modern slab-serif font that commands attention with its bold and structured letterforms. Its clean lines and contemporary aesthetic convey a sense of strength and sophistication.

Pirrieboo Font

Pirrieboo Font is a simple and display font. So perfect for you who needs a typeface for logo designs, magazine, social media, brochure, and many more.

Ratego Font

Ratego Font is a robust slab typeface that effortlessly combines nostalgia with contemporary boldness. Come with more alternate and ligature you can mix and max to create a more stunning display.

Token Font Family

Token Font Family is a geometric font family that is a bit serious, but not that serious. It mixes everything with its opposite. It mixes roundness with sharpness. It mixes a professional drawing with naive ideas, unapologetically, and ruins its elegance with rawness.

Cowboy College Font

Cowboy College Font is a stunning Retro Western decorative font.. A font that is very suitable for crafts, labels, quotes, SVG files, decorations, labels, logotypes, book covers, t-shirts, web, posters, stickers, wall art, or other ideas.

Easter Patrick Font

Easter Patrick Font is a varsity sports slab serif font suitable for university. A font that is very suitable for crafts, labels, quotes, SVG files, decorations, labels, logotypes, book covers, t-shirts, web, posters, stickers, wall art, or other ideas.

Straight Varsity Font

Straight Varsity Font is an authentic sports display font. A font that is very suitable for crafts, labels, quotes, SVG files, decorations, labels, logotypes, book covers, t-shirts, web, posters, stickers, wall art, or other ideas.

Diagonal Brown Font

Diagonal Brown Font is a classic typewriter display font. This font was designed to provide an oldstyle look, and carry a bit of a classic feel that will work well in many designs, such as brand image, cover, custom design, greeting card, invitation,

Tanire Font

Tanire Font is a futuristic technology font that stretches the boundaries of future aesthetics. Designed to lead change and provide innovative visuals, Tanire represents the perfect marriage between modern design and the essence of high technology.

Optik Font

Optik Font is a geometric sans serif font that embodies precision and order. The TJF Optik mini-superfamily is based off of many a trip to the doctor's for a half-annual checkup. Ya know, when they make you look at the chart and say the letters with one eye open?

Cagney Font Family

Cagney Font Family is a slab serif typeface with classic vibes. The inspiration comes from the Egyptian style of the 19th century. Outsized ball terminals and off-track angles, mix with heavy and light strokes, to give an unexpected dynamic.