Khalos Font

Khalos Font is a serif typeface that looks modern, elegant and luxurious. This is a font inspired by the adventures of a group of Darshanides on Ultima Online’s shard Dark Prophecy circa 2002. Its long spiky serifs and highly contrasted round shapes are a balance between elegance and barbed feelings. A true echo to the adventures of Shaar, Mentax, Ombrenoire, Khorne, Slanesh, Arcatus and Khalos. This font is a bridge between historical calligraphic ductus and a more modern and sensitive approach to the overall width rhythmic.

Designed for heavy display uses this font will make wonders when used in headlines, high font sizes on posters, books, websites, apps and video games screens.

Khalos Font is free for personal use. So, if you want to access more features and its full license contact Blaze Type designer

: Apr 25, 2023
: 4,009
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