Senkron Font Family

Senkron Font Family
Senkron Font Family

Senkron Font Family – Free Demo

Say Hello Guy’s . Thank you for looking Senkron Sans Serif Font. This is a low contrast geometric sans serif with large open counters which give the typeface a somewhat bold and contemporary appearance. It’s an ideal font family for text, branding, signage, print and digital design. Senkron (“normal”) was designed as a pure and modern neo grotesk font. The anatomy of the letters are designed to achieve an equal text color. For this purpose, the legs of the letters “R” and “K” are designed with a vertical angle to prevent the white space that would occur in the middle of these letters. In the minuscule, the characteristic features of letters such as ‘a’, ‘l’, ‘t’ are concretized and legibility is supported in the text. Considerable attention has been paid to the harmony between the anatomical structures of the letters and the diacritical mark’s structure.

Senkron Sans Serif Blok is arranged for situations which have diacritical marks overflow to leadings of the headline and headline typographical color is affected negatively from this situation. For this purpose, majuscule diacritical letters are resolved within the letter height. However, when this is done, new forms are obtained by integrated diacritical marks with letters instead of directly merging them. The idea behind this approach is to preserve the typographic value of diacritical marks and emphasize the semantic value of diacritical letters. 82 letters have been redesigned in this way.

THIS IS DEMO VERSION. Support us with buy commercial use license!

For Commercial Use, grab it fast on this link HERE


: May 17, 2020
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View all Glyphs Gurup Stüdyo - Senkron-Bold The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs Gurup Stüdyo - Senkron-BlokBold The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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