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I am Muhammad Khoerul Anam, a font maker from Indonesia, modern architecture is the basis of my dedication. My design refers to 'form follows function'. You can imagine my work. modern, art, function. that's my code. I created a unique & exclusive typeface for you, which makes your design more attractive and unique. All typography in my portfolio is exclusive View my portfolio & take yours. thank you

Apixos Font

Apixos Font Focused and bold apixos with a sleek, modern character. apixos offers unique qualities for a wide variety of media and optics related brands. Possible uses: Interesting and memorable.

Faineant Font

Faineant Font is a stylish serif font. It works well on various style related designs which actually adds a complementary touch to the whole and provides extra versatility especially when combined with bright colors


AYOPEGUY Font is a powerful sans serif font, designed with a sturdy and firm shape and a balanced line. It’s modern touch is perfect for websites, branding, logos, magazines, posters, films, and more!

Plusher Font

Pleshur Font Created for text display purposes, pleshur brings a modern and powerful feel to your designs. With a fancy writing style, make this font suitable as the main text/header text on a website template or layout design. The luxurious Pleshur also includes an alternative glyph that makes it easy for you to make adjustments.

Zonular Font

Zonular Font, inspired by the logos of popular magazines. Zonular adalah sebuah sebuah untaian fibrosa yang ssaling menghubungkan. Zonular terbagi menjadi dua lapis, lapisan yang tipis, yang terhubung ke hialoid fossa dan lapisan yang lebih tebal yang berupa kumpulan serat zonular. font mode presentatif ini cocok untuk tata letak Modern, Elegan, kreatif, Profesional, dan unik.

Selehkan Font

Selehkan Font is a casual retro from the san serif font family that carries a serif theme, this font is designed with care so that it can produce a blend of letters and become a sweet and elegant word but still natural.