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Creative Visual Design and Font studio specializes in delivering high quality visual design service and graphic assets.

Hexamind Typeface

Hexamind Sans Serif Typeface - the bold and modern display font perfect for any professional project. With its unique and timeless style, Hexamind adds a touch of sophistication to any design.

Grandious Font

Grandious Font is a font of timeless grace, elegant and bold. It takes its place in headlines and logos as a standout sight, a display sans serif of pure delight. With clean lines and a versatile style, Grandious adds a touch of flair and guile to any project, big or small.

Wasiat Typeface

Wasiat Typeface is an elegant handwritten font which provide handwriting look with elegant flair.

Binturong Font

Binturong Font is a unique handwritten font which is a clean and stylish font that is perfect for a wide range of design projects. Whether you are looking to add a touch of personality to your branding or simply want a font that stands out from the rest, Binturong is the perfect choice. It is versatile enough to be used in a variety of contexts and is sure to make your designs stand out.

Quitars Typeface

Quitars Typeface is perfect for a modern look. It has a casual feel in an otherwise modern typeface and is perfect for adding personality to your designs.