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Graphic designer and freelance web and eclectic typographer. I live in Spain. Know my new fonts visiting my web: https://defharo.com

Odisean Small Caps Font

Odisean Small Caps Font is designed for large sizes with retro style, including alternative lettering and retro transportation icons.

Neospace Font

Neospace Font is a layered font that allows you to create typographic titles in various colors, imitating the sophistication of futuristic electronic circuits. In the download file you will find an example Photoshop image with layers to see the use of the two fonts creating multicolored titles.

Odisean Tech Font

Odisean Tech Font is designed for large sizes with retro style, including alternative lettering and retro transportation icons. Odisean Tech will transport you to a bygone era with its retro charm, offering you alternative lyrics that evoke the aesthetic of the golden and happy years.

Odisean One Font

Odisean One Font is designed for large sizes with retro style, including alternative lettering and retro transportation icons.

Axial Cut Fonts

Axial Cut Fonts is a sans serif typeface family (Latin Extended-A), a contemporary and rounded evolution of geometric screen fonts, but this time the letters are built on an axial axis that results in against trapezoidal shapes

Warover Worn Font

Warover Worn Font is a stencil typeface worn by time, use and war. Warover is based on my previous Flamante Stencil typeface, it includes various sets of numbers, the symbol for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. An all-caps font for headlines and branding that demand maximum legibility and where careful Kerning configuration makes reading fluent in this typography.

Fastup Font

Fastup Font is available in two weights (Regular and Bold), geometric design fonts, with a rounded finish on the vertices that provides warmth, with short ascenders and descenders offers a more compact set of letters, the 22° inclination makes them more dynamic with a current and technological style, the careful configuration of the metrics and the Kerning achieve maximum legibility for these unique typefaces. The fonts include various alternate letters, various lowercase sets, and numbers. Check the attached pdf.

Humato Heavy Font

Humato Heavy Font is a family of display fonts, very thick, with a square proportion and rounded corners. The fonts have a detailed configuration of Metrics and Kerning.

Probeta Sans Fonts

Probeta Sans Fonts is an exclusive Sans Serif font family, with condensed proportion. The font family consists of 7 weights (Extra Light, Light, Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold and Extra Bold)

Speeday Display Font

Speeday Font is a Display and Sans Serif typeface family, inclined at 23 ° with a rounded finish, with 3 styles, Regular, Bold & Small Caps that include 9 sets of numbers, 3 uppercase and alternative letters, as well as advanced Open Type functions.

Anoxic Font Family

Anoxic Font Family is a Semi-Stencil typeface family with a rounded finish with 16 styles in 4 families, Roman, Small Caps, Outline & Oblique,...

Pervitina Dex Typeface

Pervitina Dex Typeface is a display type, thick and inclined at 22° and Neo-Stencil style with rounded corners that includes small letters, several sets of numerals, the bitcoin symbol and other cryptocurrencies.

Felona st. Neo Stencil fonts

Felona st. Neo Stencil fonts advanced typography with 6 styles that includes small letters (Small Caps). The typography has a large table of characters with 802 glyphs.Felona st is framed in technological style typographies with rounded shapes of minimalist design

Megalito Slab & Small Caps Font

Megalito Slab Serif is a display font of geometric construction, very vertical, with extra condensed proportion for the creation of large titles with significant savings in horizontal space, it has an extended character table (805 glyphs) that includes small letters, 7 numeral sets


OBESUM CAPS Typeface is a very thick geometric display typeface with great contrast in the counterforms, it is made in homage to the capital letters and obese girls.The font has five sets of uppercase letters: Capital letters are extended, lower case letters are more squares

JANE ROE Sans & Condensed Fonts

JANE ROE Sans & Condensed Fonts is a family of 10 Sans Serif condensed fonts of geometric construction and neo-Gothic style, a friendly typography with maximum readability, specially drawn for the composition of texts of any size for both printing and screen, signage or headlines.

Neo Fobia Typefaces

Neo Fobia Typefaces Neo Fobia is a sans serif typeface that includes letters in small caps, 10 exclusive fonts with square proportion of technological style...

Red Thinker Font

Red Thinker Font Red Thinker is a sans serif typeface that includes Small Caps, is of square proportion and fuses soft curves in the outer...

Pena Caldaria Typeface

Pena Caldaria Typeface Pena Calvaria is a decorative and condensed Gothic typeface of intermediate style between the Blackletter and the Fraktur style, it is a...


GUDARIAK Typeface Vicente Ballester Marco (Valencia 1887 - † 1980) was a graphic designer and Valencian posterist affiliated with the CNT who created political propaganda...

Farisea Fraktur & Layered Font

Farisea Fraktur & Layered Font is a typographic style of the Latin alphabet derived from the Gothic writing that arose at the beginning of the XVI century and was popularized in Germany, Northern Europe and the Baltic countries.

Octuple Max Font

Octuple Max Font is a typographic experiment where all the proportions and measures of the characters and metrics are multiples of the number eight. The result is a very steep typography of square proportion with a great contrast between the horizontal/vertical horns and rounded in all corners.

ORDEAL eroded Font

Ordeal Eroded is the tragic result of a calvary of ordeals applied to a Sans Serif typeface, this typeface is based on a very...


Panfleta Stencil is a rounded typography sans serif, template style with geo-grotesque modulation, condensed, with short descending and ascending above the height of capitals and a high height of the x to compose very legible texts in small sizes.