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Endeavour Studio is a digital and independent type foundry based in Indonesia. Feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected] or @endeavourstudio.co www.endeavourstudio.co

EAD Visionist Font

EAD Visionist Font is a font blending the bold spirit of the future with the rugged allure of brutalism. Its strong, bold strokes and subtle roundness convey resilience and modernity. Ideal for websites and brand identities,

EAD®✶ Futurisct Font

EAD®✶ Futurisct Font is our experimental typeface, exploring how we can harmonize inconsistency to achieve balance through asymmetrical design, contrast, and shape. Inspired by bold futuristic aesthetics,

Uphoria Font

Uphoria Font is a modern serif display with a distinct curve that retains a serif sense along with each glyph. Experimental design, on the other hand, disregards design standards while retaining balance. Carefully created and developed, and appropriate for all design requirements.

Rengganis Argopuro Font

Rengganis Argopuro Font is a modern rush script with powerful swash on each alternate capable on any topic you can use on a vintage, tropical, woman or combine it with sans serif font like Poppins or anything else. Really easy to use and which is great for your creative project related to Apparel, T-shirts, logos, Wedding, Invitations, Cards, Product Packaging, Headers, Logotype, Letterhead, Poster, Apparel Design, Label, etc.

Eureka Endeavour Font

Eureka Endeavour Font! That is what Arcimides stated, and it is also what we stated about this font. To reach our own harmony, we must push the limits of all typographic fundamentals. We\'re not concerned with all of the principles of typography. What we\'re interested in is how to accomplish full asymmetrical balance while still using a dynamic typeface. That\'s why we named this typeface Eureka, an Aha moment that means standing out in a crowded market.

Anti Design Endeavour Font

Anti Design Display Font - The manifestation of how we define balance is Anti Design. We believe that balance should not be fixed, having...