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My name is Hugo Kuder I am 20 years old and I am from Cannes, I live now Aix-en-Provence for my studies. Passionate about science, design, photography, movie (and video games i admit), curious about everything around me, I keep informing me about all topics !

Skan Font

Skan Font - A new typeface I created but only as a display! I tried to always have the same letter size to use it easily. SKAN is inspired by Japan kanji. This version only contain the basic letters and number.

Mauno Font

Mauno Display Font During a week we had to create a typography from a simple image and draw as much glyph as we could. This...

Bankal Font

Bankal Display Font To create it, I always tried to keep a 90 degree angle. In French when you say that something is "bancal" it...