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Syauqi Studio is a type and graphic design studio based in Tangerang, Indonesia. We have deep backgrounds in product and graphic design and have now focused our love of all things typography and hand lettering into Syauqi Studio where we create handmade typefaces that are versatile and modern. What’s important is to have a sense of authenticity in our work and to retain the human feel that is the source of much of their inspiration. Our work include fonts of all styles, from classical to moder

Vanera Font

Vanera Font is a serif font that comes with very beautiful changing characters that will bring in your projects a touch of luxury and style.

Elmora Classica Font

Elmora Classica Font is an elegant and incredibly authentic monoline font. It has a vintage touch and an incredibly unique feel, so add it confidently and you will love the results.

Sisilia Font

Sisilia Font - a new modern & fresh script with a handwritten and script style make this font looks elegant, natural, stylish and perfect for any awesome projects that need handwriting taste.

Rastery Signature Font

Rastery Signature Font is a meticulously crafted piece of typography that embodies understated elegance and refinement. By combining uppercase beginnings and lowercase endings, this font offers a subtle but impactful way to customize your text.

Better Days Signature Font

Better Days Signature Font consists of a fashionable sophisticated signature-style script with its own unique curves and an elegant inky flow. People usually use Better Days Font as an elegant touch and signature-like font.