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Hi, I am Zafara, font and graphic designer with a passion for creating visually appealing and effective designs. I have over 5 years of experience in the industry, and I have worked with a variety of clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

Kinsley Font

Kinsley Font is designed with clean lines and a sleek design that exudes confidence, ideal for branding high-end products or services seeking a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. Kinsley font can be used in various applications such as logos, branding,

Graphite Font

Graphite Font is a wide sans serif font family designed with high contrast and visual clarity in mind. Arranged in a tight but balanced composition, it conveys a sense of intimacy and artistic expression.

Aksioma Font

Aksioma Font is a condensed sans serif font family designed with a simple and modern aesthetic. Overall, the font is designed for versatile use and offers practical space-saving benefits and distinctive visual impact.

Komika Sans Font

Komika Sans Font is a geometric modern wide sans serif family, with 6 weights and 6 italics, which can be easily accessed from the OpenType menu. This font can be used for headlines, titles, logotypes, magazines,

Kripto Font

Kripto Font is a bold and wide font. Fonts can be used for a variety of purposes depending on their specific characteristics and the overall tone you want to achieve. Such as: headlines and titles, calls to action, logos and branding, power and authority,

Sprightly Display Font

Sprightly Display Font is a font designed to evoke feelings of joy, happiness and cheerfulness. This font can be used in children's products, marketing materials, and other contexts where a cheerful mood is desired.

Elabora Font

Elabora Font is inspired by chalk strokes so it has a rough and textured look. This font is cute and informal or can be serious and academic. This font can be used for classroom materials, children's books and products, invitations and announcements,

Courages Font

Courages Font is a font with thick and wide strokes. This font can be used for headlines, titles, logotypes, magazines, and other types of text that need to be visible and easy to read. This font can also be used to create a sense of impact or drama in a design. 

Hirosuke Font

Hirosuke Font is a font designed to look like handwritten script. This font can be used for personal branding, invitations, and other designs that require a personal touch. These fonts can be elegant, sophisticated, or even whimsical depending on the specific font. 

Branchery Font

Branchery font can be used for various purposes. Often used to create a personal and inviting impression, and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as invitations, greeting cards and marketing materials, thanksgiving, harvest parties, logotypes, and many more. 

Candleon Font

Candleon Font is a cute and unique display typeface. It has a solid and inline character that makes your designs awesome with a great combination! Use it for children’s books, apparel designs, greeting cards, school materials, and more! 

Birdmello Font

Birdmello Font is a font with a bold script look. This font is perfect for greeting cards, logotypes, branding, posters, and much more. However, basically it can be used with a wider range of themes depending on your design needs.