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Borne Celine Font

Borne Celine Font is a serif font combined with a calligraphy font. This meticulously crafted typeface features a harmonious blend of traditional serif elements and a signature touch, capturing the essence of Parisian chic.

Gloria Rocha Font

Gloria Rocha Font is a elegant and classy serif typeface created by Jolicia Type with tons of ligatures. This exquisite serif font boasts both regular and italic styles, allowing you to effortlessly convey sophistication in your designs.

JT Mekito Font

JT Mekito Font is a geometric sans-serif font family with unique characters for a touch of distinction. Inspired by Gothic and Geometry Sans serif styles,

The Saroja Font

The Saroja Font is a sophisticated sans serif font with a unique typeface that works well for your design projects and is carefully crafted to ensure premium quality and a luxurious feel.

Swingly Lours Font

Swingly Lours Font is an elegant, modern and classy serif typeface crafted & designed by Jolicia Type. This font transforms your typography into a visual symphony, striking the perfect balance between classic sophistication and contemporary creativity.

JT Modernism Font

JT Modernism Font is all about playful, bold vibes, with a dash of cuteness that's hard to resist, thanks to its soft corners. Boasting a total of 18 weights, ranging from the delicately Thin to the boldly commanding Black, this font offers a versatile spectrum of options to suit any design project.

Hippie Mods Font

Hippie Mods Font is a typeface that is designed cubby and childish but can also be easily used in the modern era who want to have a fat and smooth design that has a high level of legibility.

Venice La Corla Font

Venice La Corla Font is a multi-faceted serif display typeface that embodies timeless elegance and sophistication. This typeface exudes a sense of refinement and grace that is perfect for projects where a touch of classic charm is required.

Tanamera Font

Tanamera Font is a typeface with a groovy retro theme that brings a classic feel and a style that is making a comeback. Unleash the vibrant energy of the '60s and '70s with Tanamera,

Slicky Bohem Font

Slicky Bohem Font is a bold & condensed display typeface that is inspired by sports. with a variety of discretionary ligatures to give you all you need for great typography. make your creative work stand out with lots of unique ligatures.

LaFemme Vibe Font

LaFemme Vibe Font is a serif font combined with a calligraphy serif font. Featuring uppercase characters with distinctive curly signatures. LaFemme Vibe is a typographic masterpiece created to bring a modern and elegant sensibility to women who appreciate beauty in every detail.

Rolie Twily Font

Rolie Twily Font is an editorial serif font manufactured by Jolicia Type. It beautifully combines a vintage look with a modern flair. This font exudes an aura of Curly Elegant Modernity that is sure to make your designs stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Kaffe Font

Kaffe Font is a psychedelic inspired typeface crafted & designed by Jolicia Type. It's retro, bold, and playful. Perfect if you need a dose of fun in your project.

Swily Bright Font

Swily Bright Font is a serif font combined with a calligraphy serif font. It’s designed and shared by Jolicia Type. Trendy, classy & modern style serif font for your fancy projects. Elegant, fashion and classic style on Swily Bright font will be great for any branding project.

Gilton Font

Gilton Font is a classic bold display typeface crafted & designed by Jolicia Type. Its curves give it a fun personality. This font comes with a unique shape where every corner and There are 16 font family for the choice of the desired letter design,

Legquinne Font

Legquinne Font is an elegant, modern and contrast font crafted & designed by Jolicia Type. This is a multi-purpose font that is perfect for any project, it is contrasted, modern and easy to read.

Laire Sans Font

Laire Sans Font This typeface is an extremely aesthetic font that will warm you up. As well as being suitable for use in every field,...

JT Olifer Font

JT Olifer Sans Serif Font It's an semi bold serif font crafted & designed by Jolicia Type. JT Olifer brings chunky retro typography to the...

Molex Shoora Font

Molex Shoora Display Font This is a euphoric ligature rich retro display font with OpenType features that were created to help each word and letter...

Colibre Bristole Pro Font

Colibre Bristole Pro Serif Font It's a decorative display serif font with ligatures also complete multilingual glyphs. This is a font family that crafted with...

Louis Felligri Serif Font

Louis Felligri Serif Font This is a modern, luxury, fashionable display serif font crafted & designed by Jolicia Type. It has unic construction for future...

Floe Font

Floe Sans Serif Font This is a fancy bold sans serif font designed by Jolicia Type in 2021. Every single letters have been carefully crafted...

Gretha Font Demo

Gretha Serif Font Milenial is a elegant and classy serif typeface created by Jolicia Type with a strong and charismatic style. This font is a...

Algeron Serif Font

Algeron Serif Font is a stylish ligature rich font inspired by fashion magazines and fragrance brands. Made from font designer named Jolicia Type. This font...