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Oxford Street Font

Oxford Street Font is a display sans-serif typeface that demands attention with its bold in vintage looks. It’s designed and shared by K-Type. This is a signage font that began as a redrawing of the capital letters used for street nameplates in the borough of Westminster in Central London.

Sinkin Sans Font Family

Sinkin Sans Font is a type system that provides a wide range of options for any design project. It's a simple, pleasant, luxuriously proportioned...

Keep Calm Sans Serif Font

Keep Calm Sans Serif Font is a family of fonts developed from the now famous World War 2 poster that was designed in 1939...

Credit Card font

  Credit Card font — Created in 2009 by K-Type

Lexie Readable

  Lexie Readable Font Family Made by K-Type Lexie Readable (formerly Lexia Readable) was designed with accessibility and legibility in mind, an attempt...