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Figiel Font Family

Figiel Font Family is an expanded sans-serif font family. Making this font suitable for use in any design. With a curated width, it looks clean, bold, strong and eye-catching. This font is also suitable to be applied especially in logo,

Hybryda Font

Hybryda Font is a bold slab-serif font. It combines letters categorised as both sans and slab serif, unified by high contrast. Combining retro feeling with contemporary approach Hybryda forms unique headlines for web, editorial and packaging design.

Iskry Font Family

Iskry Font Family is a blazing font designed with display use in mind – a tall x-heigt and short but sharp serifs. This product was created to help you make your digital images even more beautiful and unique.

Nielot Font Family

Nielot Font Family is a future-looking display font. Simple, geometric typeface inspired by posters and letter shapes designed in the period of Constructivism in Russia. Pure and plain construction without any decorative elements.