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Mynor-B Font Family

Mynor-B Font Family is a sans serif font family that's mid century modern, fun, and both upper and lower case. Mynor-B departs from its predecessor, Mynor, which had a squarish geometric design.

Facto Font Family

Facto Font Family is a sans serif font family that combines simplicity with elegance. With unembellished letterforms and slightly condensed curves, Facto is a testament to simplicity and clarity.

Scharf Font Family

Scharf Font is an organic serif font family. Using Schar as a template, accurate serif details are carefully drawn into each character, improving readability and further enhancing the font’s fluid and dynamic personality.

ParadroidMono Soft Font Family

ParadroidMono Soft Font is a vintage-style stamp font family. It's a subtle rounded version of the original pragmatic monospaced font that sits in the centre of the grotesque to geometric style spectrum.

Hubsch Font Family

Hubsch Font is a bold and heavy display font designed to make a powerful impact. This font is an experimental sans-serif that follows the drawing principles of a chisel-tipped marker pen where sharp angles meet flowing curves in a balance between thick and thin strokes.

Schar Font Family

Schar Font is an elegant and clean sans serif font crafted & designed by The Northern Block. Calligraphic forms and consistent angle axis are combined to create a fluid and dynamic personality.

Paradroid Font Family

Paradroid Font is a modern humanist sans-serif font family created by The Northern Block. Equal measures of both letterforms create a neutral type family that is modern, functional, and easy to read without being too distracting.

Roag Font Family

Roag Font is a sleek and modern geometric sans serif font crafted & designed by The Northern Block. A precise balance of modern geometrics, with a functional yet sparing style that effectively communicates without distraction.

NuOrder Font Family

NuOrder Font is a clean geometric and transform sans serif font crafted & designed by The Northern Block. The design incorporates a dynamic structure with minimal contrast and a natural stroke path to promote easy reading—resulting

Halcom Font Family

Halcom Font is a modern sans serif font with a clean and elegant geometric touch. Consists of 8 uprights and 8 matching italics ranging from Thin to Black. The design is not a simple pastiche of what went before this is much more than that.

Spencer Font Family

Spencer Font is a collections of a modern, feminine, beauty and classy characters, give you unique looks for any branding or logo design needs. Made from font designer named The Northern Block.

Eund Font Family

Eund Font is a simply condensed strong sans serif font family. Shallow curves are smoothed out of rectangular letterforms to produce a fresh, legible typeface best suited to information based applications.

Angusta Font Family

Angusta Font is a strong-sharp serif font in condensed height. The font features an extra-condensed design with tightly spaced letterforms. High contrast between thick and thin strokes gives Angusta a bold, striking appearance that is perfect for headlines, titles,

Mynor Font Family

Mynor Font is an essential and elegant sans serif font. The font family consists of 84 fonts. Inspired by machine-readable typefaces of the 1950s, including OCR-A and B. Smooth curved contours with a humanist touch sit in harmony alongside pure straight lines.

Byker V.2.0 Font Family

Byker V.2.0 Font is a simple yet powerful sans-serif font family that effortlessly adapts to any design context. The letterforms are constructed digitally from a technical grid and overlaid with handmade curves.

Leida Font Family

Leida Font is a brand new nostalgic serif revival that will make you want to steal your all mom's vintage college sweatshirts. The design draws upon typographic experience, history and current technology to produce a typeface suitable for reading text in everyday scenarios.

Frederik Font Family

Frederik Font is a modern sans-serif font family designed by Ksenia Belobrova and published by The Northern Block. Fresh and neutral in appearance but equally organic and friendly.

Fagun Font Family

Fagun Font is a sans-serif font family inspired by 19th-century type styles, particularly the work of William Caslon. It was designed by Jonathan Hill of The Northern Block, and released in 2022.

Knul Font Family

Knul Font is a stylish, clean, and modern condensed sans font, with style that is very different from the others. Balanced engineered geometry with delicate hand touches allows for practical typesetting without complications.

Karlo Font Family

Karlo Font is a structured, functional typeface which embraces harmony, flow and versatility. Inspired by the writings of calligrapher Edward Johnston, the family moves on in two directions in the heavier weights.

Woolworth Font Family

Woolworth Sans Serif Font is a geometric form-based sans serif font family inspired by the grotesque designs of the late 19th century. Each letter...

Loew Next Font Family

Loew Next Sans Serif Font is a clean and modern sans serif font, ideal for text that requires more space. Painstakingly reworked from the...

Vitro Font Family

Vitro Sans Serif Font is a display sans-serif font family in 16 weights plus matching true italics. The solid technical appearance has been achieved...

Neusa Next Font Family

Neusa Next Sans Serif Font is designed with a rather high x-height and consists of cute and creative glyphs. Its wide range of weights,...