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Aksen Font Family

Aksen Font Family is a stunning font that belongs to the geometric sans-serif category, boasting a versatile range of 60 distinct styles. Its design is formed by the rounded, curving letters found in ancient Greek and Roman inscriptions but is implemented

Celaraz Font Family

Celaraz Font Family is a modern and classic serif font that exudes nostalgia and elegance in equal measure. The idea evolved from the didone styles and wedge serif forms. The contrast remains visible and consistent for each glyph.

Gramatika Font Family

Gramatika Font Family is a strong font family and sophisticated sans serif. Gramatika shapes and styles are consistently tailored to each character to customized to meet this classic grotesque-ish contemporary style.

Leksikal Font Family

Leksikal Font Family is a classic serif and sans serif typeface with tight kerning. The space is designed to encourage audience interaction, playfulness, and an appreciation for graphic design.

Frasa Font Family

Frasa Font Family is a modern serif font family manufactured by Tokotype. It's an elegant typeface with friendly and warm personality which seeks a balance between traditional and modern.

Maleo Font Family

Maleo Font Family is a geometric sans, efficiently built from straight lines and simple circles. This font is a contemporary display sans with grotesque roots, taking cues from typefaces such as Benton’s Franklin Gothic & Alternate Gothic and contemporaries such as Obviously & Mars Condensed.

Nomina Font Family

Nomina Font Family is a geometric font family created by Tokotype with a warm, engaging character. The weights of the family itself contain 16 styles plus italic, ranging from ExtraLight to Black.

Makro Font Family

Makro Font Family is a modified neo-grotesk gothic font crafted & designed by Tokotype. This series is distinguished by the excessively contrasting shapes and tones of the shapes on each opening joint and adjusted open counter.

Plus Jakarta Sans Font Family

Plus Jakarta Sans Font If you are needing a touch of casual modern San-Serif for your designs, this font was created for you! This font...

Amphora Serif Font

Amphora Serif Font is a delicate hand drawn serif typeface. The subtle varied width and curved details give the font an Art Deco feel....

Rinnet Slab Serif Font

Rinnet Slab Serif Font is a classic style slab serif typeface that is moderated with a minimalist touch design, producing beautiful and elegant fonts....