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Graphy Brush Font

Graphy Brush Font is a stylish brush script font from EdricStudio. The characters in this letter have a charm that can make your design interesting and cool!

The Music Font

The Music Font is a creative font with combination of two different style on 1 font family. This font was created by EdricStudio with a combination of a modern sans serif font for uppercase and a script font for lowercase.

Violleta Simphony Font

Violleta Simphony Font is a calligraphy script font with combination of thin and big lines. This font was created using a thick brush while maintaining the natural style of handwriting.

Harmony Shine Font

Harmony Shine Font is a charming and casual serif display font inspired from the music industry. This font has an elegant side that can be highlighted in certain designs with the addition of gold which will make it shine perfectly.

Creamy Black Font

Creamy Black Font is a modern and stylish display font with unique characters shape so that it leaves a lasting impression on each letter. It will be suitable for any business, such as entertainment, accessories, art, café, event organizer, fashion, handicraft, photography, printing, publishing, restaurant, writer, and many more!

Burger Mayonnaise Font

Burger Mayonnaise Font is a uniquely playful display font that has cute and stylish appearance. This font is made by EdricStudio and would be ideal for bakery and pastry, café, comic, event organizer, furniture, handicraft,

Bondiska Font

Bondiska Font is a sans serif display font with trendy style and it can fit in many design projects, so it can make any display stand out and attract attention. It will be suitable for any industry or business, such as accessories, art, barber shop,

Surprisingly Font

Surprisingly Font is a handwritten font that can give a fancy impression and amaze anyone who sees it. It will make your design look stunning, such as blog, brand image, cover, header, label, mockup design, packaging design,

Galaxie Writer Font

Galaxie Writer Font is a stylish modern typewriter font display. Some of the letters in this font have a tail so they can give the appearance of cursive writing. It will be suitable for any industry, such as event organizer, accessories, café,

Aurastic Font

Aurastic Font is a unique sans serif display font which looks aesthetic. Each letter has a unique shape so it will easily steal your attention and blend in beautifully. It will be suitable for any industry, such as accessories, boutique,

Gold Widow Font

Gold Widow Font is a strong beautiful handwritten font with bold messy letters capable of turning inspiring words into beautiful visual pieces. It will be awesome and will bring sparkle to your designs, such as apps, billboard, blog, branding, cover, header, logos,

Element Tail Font

Element Tail Font is a stunning display font with beautiful ligature characters. It’s charming because when put together it creates a shape of letters that bends perfectly because it also looks thin and elegant,

Blue Chocolate Font

Blue Chocolate Font is a cute handwritten font that lifts the concept around the sweetest thing. It’s a fun typography with a unique brush style that will make a sweet splash with your designs, such as apps, billboard, blog, branding, cover, header, logos,

Steph Carly Font Duo

Steph Carly Font Duo is a stylish classic font duo with a modern touch, adding a timeless feel to this font duo. The fonts was handcrafted from our Studio here in, Indonesia. It will inspire you to create something classy and warm with your designs, such as apps, billboard, blogs, branding, brochure, business card,

Liburan Display Font

Liburan Display Font is a funny cheerful display font that carries a holiday theme. Typography that comes with a brush style font will give your project a bold feel and will inspire you to create something fun and unique with your designs,

Cerita Hari Ini Font

Cerita Hari Ini Font is a cute funny but still realistically based on playful handwriting. It’ll just add adorable creative vibes in minutes to any business, such as ads, animation, bakery, café, comic, content creator, culinary, event or festival,

Temptation Font

Temptation Font is a strong serif display typeface that is uniquely designed. With a touch of curvature of each character, making it creative for use in whatever type of business you are related to antique store, bakery, café,

Bandung Retro Font

Bandung Retro Font is a classic 80’s vibe script font with an amazing groovy style. It comes with attractive shapes and styles also comes with multiple ligatures.

Drama Korea Font

Drama Korea Font is a cultural stylish modern serif font inspired from Korean series titles so that its appearance reminds us at least of the writing style of the people there. It is capable of increasing artistic value so it will be suitable for any industry, such as accessories, advertisement,

Magic Light Font

Magic Light Font is a beautiful curly display font with an amazing sparkling glow. This font is made by EdricStudio and would be ideal for bakery and pastry, café, event organizer, florist, furniture, glassware, handicraft, movie,

Yogurt Smoothie Font

Yogurt Smoothie Font is a cute handwritten display font with a casual fun style. This typography is inspired by the sweetness of fruit, giving it a pretty feel that will suit any industry, such as, artist, bakery and pastry,

Vampire Sides Font

Vampire Sides Font is a spooky fun serif display font created by EdricStudio. This font has an interesting style for each character, besides the edged serif feature, it also curves slightly to the right, giving it a different look.

Photo Journalist Font

Photo Journalist Font is a classy and professional handwritten signature font. It’s an artistic typography with a simple look that creates impeccable beauty and suitable for industries, such as advertisement, art fair, author, boutique, café,

Botnet Font

Botnet Font is a techno sci-fi display font designed by EdricStudio inspired from the telecom and futuristic movies. It’s unique and rare, the shape of the letters is perfectly thickened with the addition of a small symbol at the end of each character,