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Glowtype is a independent digital foundry created by Fachrizal Yusuf. Based in Central Java, Indonesia, been grinding for the industry more than 3 years.

Gltp Starion Font Family

Gltp Starion Font Family is super family sans with open shapes and a technical vibe inspired by the needs of the automotive industry, technology, performance, and style.

Avanti Font

Avanti Font - Inspired by the typography on various subways around the world. Combining a modern, bold and bold impression. Introducing Avanti a modern condensed sans, an anti-mainstream condensed font.

Morphling Font

Morphling Font is a Classical yet Modern Display Serif Family created to express things in a classic yet modern way. Inspired by classic modern serif typefaces trend around the world with twist of psychadelic.

Wild Bounty Font

Wild Bounty Font is a strong slab display font, inspired from vintage cowboy movie,vintage western vibes hipster groovy, retro and psychadelic. Crafted with love & passion, it's made to give it western, groovy, hipster, and retro look.

Grayscale Font

Grayscale Font is a Classic Serif Family was created to express things in a classic yet glamorous way. Inspired by classic serif typefaces around the world with a modern twist. With a thick body, it has a more dominant impression.

Signora Typeface

Signora Typeface come with two styles, regular and wide. So you can combo them as you want. This is perfect choice to your crative field, branding, stationery, beauty product, magazine, wedding invitation or anything else.

Gomenasans Font

Gomenasans Font - Inspired by several food products in Japan, bold, cute and cheerful, a round, chunky font with an original 80s touch. Proudly introducing Gomenasans, a rounded geometric sans.

Ougkeh Font

Ougkeh Font is a quirky font with a playful style gives a delicious and cheerful feel. With thick strokes and two styles, namely regular and round, of course Ougkeh is the perfect choice for all types of branding, whether it's a food business,

Blocken Font Duo

Blocken Font Duo is specifically designed to make a strong impact, whether you\'re creating headlines or crafting brand messaging. Come with 2 style,bold all caps sans and bold marker script to make it more vibrant!