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Hi, I am pleased to welcome you to Omaikraf page here!. Omaikraf is dedicated to creative ideas that often arise in the mind of each of us and waiting to be realized. We are here because of you. Rise up your creative minds and give others the opportunity to do the same. We share happyness, share the same passion, and learn knowledge in this vast digital changes to recreate a peaceful and wonderful world. With love, - Anna -

Midnightman Font

Midnightman Font is a display font that created to fit the accent of spooky, mysterious things around us. It is equipped with both uppercase and lowercase, and also some alternates to make your whole design look awesome!

Kitty Font

Kitty Font is a naive, cute, yet attractive fonts from Omaikraf Studio. Suitable for lettering, greeting cards, inspirational quotes and children book stories.

Budapest Girl Handwritten Font

Budapest Girl Handwritten Font is a simple handwriting script typeface with cool ligature features to play with. It's feminine look is suitable for lettering,...

Surabaya Display Font

Please introduce Surabaya. Surabaya Display Font is one and only typeface that is built to bring the classic nobility in a modern lifestyle. This...

Phalang Display Font

Phalang Display Font is created from inspirational movie that everybody loves to tell about how space and its living creatures in it. Phalang consists of...

Rotterdam Display Font

Rotterdam Display Font is made to standout with its Capital Letters. Nevertheless, it is also equipped with lowercase and various alternate of ligatures to...

Chahna Handwritten Font

Introducing Chahna Handwritten Font, a cool and fresh handwritten typeface. Designed to suit the designer's needs of a font that can bring joyful feelings...

Merkurius Display Font

Merkurius Display Font is a medium weight font type. It has a strong character with underlines combine with smooth and sharp edges. The swift-construction of...