Bronson – Playful Font

Bronson - Playful Font
Bronson - Playful Font

Presenting Bronson Playful Font. It’s a playfull and fancy font, it’s lovable handwritten serif font! with the cute and bouncy looks, make your design more playful! BRONSON, is a playful font but wanted to be taken seriously by others. The curved body and pointy corner, create somewhat strong message, but in a silly way. It’s not a victorian font, we never going to be that serious. lighten up a bit will ya. It’s still suit perfectly for poster, games title, cartoon movie, credit title, magazine, and so on.

Thanks to Just The Skills. This is the demo version. Bronson Playful Font free for personal use, please visit his store for more other products, and buying fonts support him.

: Apr 13, 2020
: 4,748
View all Glyphs Bronson-2OvJ8 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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