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Pyros Font

Pyros Font is an exquisite elegant serif font meticulously crafted to infuse your projects with timeless sophistication. Well-grounded, thanks to its conventional vertical axis and its thin serifs, it revisites the genre with surprising elements.

Peckham Font

Peckham Font is a vintage style serif font crafted & designed by Apex Type Foundry. Peckham takes its roots in a surprising French Canon from Vincent Figgins specimen (1801 / 1815).

Smithee Font Family

Smithee Font Family is a condensed sans-serif font for you to get your designs with simple, modern and creative look. Its mechanical – and rather straight forward – shapes (b, d, p, q…) balanced with some subtle, more organic, twists (“a”, “s”) immediately caught our eyes.

Marsel Font Family

Marsel Font Family - A premium sans-serif font family. It started out in 2016 as a single “black” cut, mostly intended for display: a colorful fat sans with uncanny high contrasts and utter personality.

Granit Font

Granit Font is a modern typeface with a classic style. The proportions of its capitals – loosely based on the monumental Roman models – give it the austere “gravitas” and graceful confidence of historical inscriptional letters while, on the other hand,

Nicéphore Font Family

Nicéphore Font Family is a modern and cool sans-serif font family. Drawing influence and mood from phototypesetting era sans-serif fonts (notably Brasilia by Albert Hollenstein and Albert Boton, 1958-60), Nicéphore is a disguised quiet guy.

Practical Grotesk Font Family

Practical Grotesk Font Family is a geometric font that embodies strength and clarity. Investigating the rational simplicity of mid-twentieth century modernism, Practical Grotesk is Apex’s take on the neo-grotesque genre.