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Meedori Sans Font

Meedori Sans Font is a modern, elegant and futuristic display font composed only of capital letters. The difference between capital and lowercase letters is in...

July01 Font

July01 Serif Font is the newest typeface designed by Danilo De Marco. It’s an elegant, classical-inspired sans serif font. The strong constrat between vertical...

Herbert Serif Font

Introducing Herbert Serif this is a display font useful for print or digital product, this font has a unique style and elegant design. It's...

Rachel Typeface

Rachel Typeface – is a serif typeface designer and shared by Danilo De Marco in 2015. The design is inspired by Bodoni typeface designed by Giambattista Bodoni and Lapiday Roman characters.

K95 Alphabet Typeface

K95 Alphabet Typeface - Free font is a geometric font designed in 2018. Each letter is shaped using the K95’s design logotype, it is have used basic geometrical shapes such as circle, square and triangle.

Aganè Font Family

  Aganè: A free font designed for UIs Continue to be a new font family sans serif. Introducing Aganè Font Family! Aganè font was designed by...