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Binoma Font

Binoma Font is a unique and modern family of Sans serif fonts. Designed in 2024 by Eko Bimantara, Binoma is distinguished by its sans-serif style that embodies modernity and versatility.

Awesome Typeface

Awesome Typeface is a fun bold script font, fresh & modern style. Its bold, swashy, and smooth strokes exude a modern vibe, enhanced by a variety of alternate characters. This font is an excellent fit for display purposes, large headers,

Geordina Font

Geordina Font is a strong and bold sans font exudes strength and confidence with its clean lines and thick letterforms. It is an ideal choice for various design applications that require a standout display font.

Choco Taste Font

Choco Taste Font is a gorgeous script typeface designed by eko bimantara with a highly brand-able appeal. Its characteristic qualities include a sense of lusciousness, softness, and liquid-like flow, making it a perfect choice for various design purposes.

Sideware Font

Sideware Font is a clean family sans humasnist style that is absolutely perfect for editorial headlines. Its compacted and versatile design brings a modern, clean, and simple aesthetic to your projects.

Glamorous Font

Glamorous Font is a type of font that emphasizes the classic impression of each letter. This font has a very interesting uniqueness, because of its artistic and elegant shape. Perfect for display purposes, large sizes, headers, and a variety of layout designs,

Brandier Font Family

Brandier Font is retro serif style font, its perfect for your display or product design. Infused with warmth and playfulness, its large x-height and balanced regular and italics styles ensure a delightful reading experience.

Sandler Font

Sandler Font is a vintage-inspired typeface from Eko Bimantara that is perfect for creating classic design projects. It has a modern script style with carefully crafted letterforms that give it a luxurious and refined feel.

Gold Lines Font

Gold Lines Font is a brand new, creative & unique font duo crafted & designed by eko bimantara. This elegant pairing exudes beauty, charm, and a touch of luxury that will captivate any audience.

Aderos Font Family

Aderos Font is a very bold alternative to the slab serif font family with many choices for one font family. This font family introduces a range of styles that provide versatility and visual impact.

Gamon Font

Gamon Sans Serif Font is a chunky, strong & fast paced display typeface manufactured by Eko Bimantara. Inspired by heavy cement bricks which can...

Marcione Font Family

Marcione Sans Serif Font is a san-serif typeface with a touch of current flair. The style is a mixture of Deco and Grotesk styles,...

Flinders Font Family

Flinders Sans Serif Font is a geometric sans in 18 weights. This is humanist font family designed by Eko Bimantara in 2023. Flinders designed...

Snacko Font

Snacko Display Font is a lovely and playful groovy font where you can feel it in every curve of the letters. Designed by Eko...

Adero Font Family

Adero Sans Serif Font is a modern grotesque sans serif Font Family, it could be described as a neo-grotesque with hints of geometric shapes....

Ainan Font

Ainan Script Font is a commercially elegant retro script typeface designed and published by Eko Bimantara in October 2022, the typeface is carefully crafted...

Soliden Font

Soliden Sans Serif Font is a geometric, clean and versatile font family with a solid and futuristic personality. Designed and published by Eko Bimantara...

Realitas Font

Realitas Display Font It's a modern display typeface with a unique and classy style. It has a modern and vintage look. This display font was...

Magnivera Font Family

Magnivera Serif Font This font designed by Eko Bimantara is a modern serif typeface that embodies elegance and charm in every character. inspired from oldstyle...

Anko Font Family

Anko Serif Font This is a contrasting serif font family manufactured by Eko Bimantara. The glyphs formed in extend width, smooth strokes, moderate stem contrast,...

Shallot Font

Shallot Serif Font This font designed by Eko Bimantara is a sophisticated variable serif font with with many weight you can choose. The initial letterforms...

Slippery Font

Slippery Serif Font This is a simply nostalgic font that will always remind us of the 80s and 90s. The letterforms is filled with soft...

Corp Font

Corp Sans Serif Font This is a san serif display typeface who is inspired by the 60's/70's Deli & grocery sign store. its letterforms shaped...

Hando Soft Font

Hando Soft Sans Serif Font This is a rounded sans typeface crafted & designed by Eko Bimantara. It can easily be matched to an incredibly...