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Duplet Open Font Family

Duplet Open Font Family is a geometric sans serif font family created by Indian Type Foundry with versatility in mind. These are the typefaces of today and tomorrow. From the headlines on news websites to the texts in apps and even company logos rendered large

Duplet Rounded Font Family

Duplet Rounded Font Family is the rounded version of the successful Duplet font family. These are the typefaces of today and tomorrow. From the headlines on news websites to the texts in apps and even company logos rendered large or small,

Akhand Soft Font Family

Akhand Soft Font Family is a soft and friendly font family with a bit of a warm and playful appearance. All of the corners of the typeface’s characters are rounded, making Akhand Soft a friendlier and more informal variant of the Akhand Latin family.

Bookmark Font Family

Bookmark Font Family is stylish serif font family, contain 4 style fonts. The letters’ angle of stress is vertical, and they are all drawn so that they are slightly condensed. This allows Bookmark to really shine in headlines;

Volte Rounded Font Family

Volte Rounded Font Family is a sans-serif font family. Inspired by bold and rounded typefaces on signs from the 1970s. Volte Rounded is a geometric sans serif typeface with rounded stroke endings. These aren’t softened-up corners, but rather full-on sausage-style terminals.

Zesta Font Family

Zesta Font Family is an elegant and versatile serif font family that seamlessly blends traditional sophistication with a contemporary aesthetic. Their design is modern, or ‘Didone’ in style, meaning that its letterforms look like those used in France during the revolutionary,

Troy Sans Font

Troy Sans Font is a sans-serif titling typeface ready to push the boundaries in your designs. Each version is available in a single weight. The fonts’ lowercase letters all take the form of small capitals.

Associate Sans Font Family

Associate Sans Font Family is a clean and balanced sans-serif typeface family—fresh and modern, ready to be your next campaign font. Its letters have a strong ‘American gothic’ look.

Insigne Font Family

Insigne Font Family is a minimal and modern Sans-Serif typeface that makes your designs stand out from the crowd. Each weight has both an upright as well as an italic font on offer. The italic fonts contain slanted, or oblique-style letters.

Tara Font Family

Tara Font is a serif font family inspired by the beauty of modern serifs, fused with modern appeal to cater to contemporary needs. Its design considers a tall x-height, balanced with high contrast letter-forms and wedge-shaped serifs

Pilcrow Font Family

Pilcrow Font is a commanding yet minimalistic typeface that effortlessly adapts to any design context. It comes in two versions: straight-cornered and rounded (Pilcrow Soft) and has 5 weights (Regular through Heavy).

Griff Font Family

Griff Font is a sans-serif type with a no nonsense feel. It is straightforward and modern. The Griff family includes 10 styles; these are five weights that range from Light through Bold, each with an upright and italic font.

Editor Font Family

Editor Font is an essential serif font with 5 different weights. They each feature prominent wedge-shaped serifs and visible stroke contrast. Several letterform details retain a calligraphic feeling, too.

Malhar Font

Malhar Font is a splendid script typeface that can be used for branding, greeting cards, wedding invitations, and many other projects. Malhar’s letterforms are striking. The family offers designers a series of fonts capable of setting powerful messages.

Nusrat Font

Nusrat Font is an elegant, full-featured script typeface with tons of alternate characters and OpenType features. This gives Nusrat the appearance of being hand-written by a skilled calligrapher. Perfect for that elegant touch needed for logos,

Duplet Font Family

Duplet Font is a sans-serif typeface family of 14 fonts featuring the finest design made with attention to every detail. Duplet is part of a larger superfamily and can be combined with its relatives: Duplet Open and Duplet Rounded.

Akhand Font Family

Akhand Font is a bold & condensed sans serif font that is inspired by sports. Featuring condensed straight-sided letterforms, Akhand is a virtually mono-linear sans serif. The design of the face is based on a modular structure,

Touche Font Family

Touche Font is a geometric sans serif font family created by Indian Type Foundry with multiple stylistic sets and variable weights. It is not made up of the standard geometric forms found in many other typefaces of that genre;

Troy Font

Troy Serif Font is a serif font that takes a classic style. The fonts’ lowercase letters all take the form of small capitals. Particularly...

Passenger Display Font Family

Passenger Display Font is a wide serif, conveying an elegant old world charm. It’s designed and shared by Indian Type Foundry. This Display serif...

Passenger Serif Font Family

Passenger Serif Font - A classic serif typeface made with perfection and readability in focus. It takes the idea of mid-nineteenth century English Clarendon...

Passenger Sans Font Family

Passenger Sans Font is an unconventional font based on the first steps of the newly born sans serif genre in the early twentieth century....

Guide Font Family

Guide Sans Serif Font is a clean geometric sans-serif font crafted & designed by Indian Type Foundry. The family’s four weights range from Regular...

Baro Font Family

Baro Sans Serif Font is a contemporary geometric sans-serif with angular terminations and amazing X height. Some of the Baro fonts can be layered...