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Riegla Font Family

Riegla Font is a sans serif family designed by Interval Type who was inspired by modern sans serif. This Font is a multifunctional non-neutral grotesk that draws inspiration from the early sans-serif designs of the 19th century such as Figgins Sans,

Riegraf Font

Riegraf Font is a simple and serif font crafted & designed by Interval Type. Riegraf was born out of an idea of designing a Serif typeface that feels like a geometric Sans-serif grotesk, while preserving the elegance usually associated with Serif typefaces.

Rooftop Font Family

Rooftop Font is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed with the everyday in mind. Largely inspired by the american grotesks of the early 20th century such as Lining Gothic of Barnhart Bros.

Oceanic Font Family

Oceanic Font is a luxe, calligraphic upper and lowercase display serif that works beautifully for branding projects and quotes. Oceanic draws inspiration from the 18 and 19th century fat faces with upright contrast like Bodoni, Canon or Scotch Romans and adds odd and quirky details

Stravinsky Font Family

Stravinsky Font is a bold, classic sans that was inspired by the recent resurgence of mid-century design. The typeface fuses the 18th century Didot vertical contrast and squarish counters with the contemporary sans-serif Grotesk form.