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Electric Formula Font

Electric Formula Font is an all caps typeface, built for logo and headlines. Use ligature characters to give you unlimited designs, this font is great for your work such as posters, logos, branding, covers, banners, t-shirts and headers,

Magista Typeface

Magista Typeface - A beautiful collection of letters is encapsulated in the Magista font. Made from font designer named Mhdafifersya. Its clean and neat lettering is ideal for modern writing needs, striking a perfect balance between a classic feel and an elegant aesthetic.

Belgica Font

Belgica Font is a sophisticated, charming serif typeface created by Mhdafifersya with a fashionable touch. Perfect if you need a dose of fun in your project. Perfect for editorial projects, Logo design, web font, clothing branding, product packaging,

Minangrasa Font

Minangrasa Font is a new all-caps, serif display font inspired by traditional houses in West Sumatra, Indonesia which are shaped like cow horns. It’s bold and fun with a retro twist.

Gamesome Font

Gamesome Font is a modern futuristic font with a bold feel. The sharp spur on the top of letterforms, bold weight, and fully geometric represent strength, honor, and brave.

Phantom Horseman Font

Phantom Horseman Display Font is a modern elegant variable display font crafted & designed by mhdafifersya. Basically this is a Sans with a small...

Kuranji Font

Kuranji Sans Serif Font is aesthetic modern typeface crafted & designed by mhdafifersya. Its stylish and modern design give it a minimalist and classy...

Magnificiens Font

Magnificiens Serif Font is a modern and elegant serif typeface designed by mhdafifersya. This serif font is perfect for your next branding project. Suitable...

Weghorst Font

Weghorst Sans Serif Font is a bold retro sans display typeface that will transport you back in time. This font is perfect for any...

Sachila Residance Font

Sachila Residance Serif Font It's a calligraphic serif that started on paper with a flat nib pen, and blossomed into a full serif with italics....

Choco Biscuit Sans Serif Font

Choco Biscuit Font is a bold retro style serif font with strong character and soft features. The Gold Ring is equipped with Swash, Stylistic and Titling alternates as well as with Standard and Discretionary Ligatures

Lichfield Font

Lichfield Sans Serif Font This font is an elegant serif that blends traditional influences into a contemporary aesthetic. Elegantly crafted and easily be matched to...

Overtaking Display Font

Overtaking Display Font is a bold and vintage type with high contrast character. It’s designed and shared by Mhdafifersya. It's very suitable for vintage,...

Gelael Sans Serif Font

Gelael Sans Serif Font is a Minimal, Modern, Elegant sans serif typeface. Made from font designer named mhdafifersya. It's a modern, elegant and creative...

The Retropus Script Font

The Retropus Script Font is a vintage script font. This font Inspired by Retro style and combination with Handwriting style. The Retropus Script made with personality touch every single curve. I hope this can make inspire you from your work.

Starhawks Font Duo

Introducing Starhawks Font Duo. This duo font is also the best decision for those creatives who want to design own visual identity but don’t have a great experience in designing. Starhawks is perfectly suited to signature, stationery, logo, typography quotes, magazine or book cover.

Droping Sans Serif Font

Droping Sans Serif Font! A Sport Font . It's also perfect for that and delicate look that you want in your invitations, poster. Strong and clean. This tyepeface is Modern and very suitable for logos, Tshirt, apparel, quote, handwritten quotes.