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Crake Font Family

Crake Font is a perfect fusion of elegance and luxury. With its exquisite curves and graceful strokes, this font exudes sophistication and opulence in every character. Crake has rounded counters of uppercase letters A, B, E, F, P and R which creates an unique and organic character.

Emilio Serif Font Family

Emilio Serif Font is a serif typeface inspired by the beauty of modern serifs, fused with modern appeal to cater to contemporary needs. It's an elegant typeface with friendly and warm personality which seeks a balance between traditional and modern.

Girona Font

Girona Font is a sans serif font family created by Narrow Type with tapered accents in some of the letters giving it a modern and bold character, even being quite prominent in thin characters. Large inktraps and many playful details create a modern typeface with a distinctive look.

Regonia Font

Regonia Font is a modern classic typeface inspired by the legendary French 19th century type designer Firmin Didot. Thin hairlines and many unique details make Regonia an elegant and contemporary typeface.

Remixa Font Family

Remixa Font is a versatile, high-contrast sans-serif font family from Narrow Type that seamlessly incorporates elements from serif typefaces, resulting in a truly unique and captivating design.