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Kulturista Font Family

Kulturista Font Family is a minimalist slab serif font family. The drawings are based on the sans-serif Nudista typeface, and Kulturista also inherits Nudista’s distinctive narrowed character proportions, range of weights and glyph sets.

Crabath Font Family

Crabath Font Family is a modern serif family available in 64 styles. Intended especially for book typesetting, the Crabath Collection is a loose interpretation of roman and italic designs from Krabat’s specimen book.

Idealista Font Family

Idealista Font Family is a new monospaced sans serif. It looks clean and and very suitable for coding style. It shares the same proportions and the same set of weights, yet it enriches the expression means of the two typefaces with new themes

Gloriola Font Family

Gloriola Font Family is a geometric sans serif font family created by Suitcase Type Foundry with unique characters for a touch of distinction. A combination of frugal, unobtrusive uppercase letters with distinctive ascenders,

Botanika Font Family

Botanika Font Family is an exquisite font series designed to elevate your creative projects. Although the glyphs were originally drawn using the same proportions, they were subsequently adjusted in order to improve legibility.

Comenia Sans Font Family

Comenia Sans Font Family is a geometric based clean sans serif font manufactured by Suitcase Type Foundry. Comenia Sans was designed in the framework of a unique typographic project for all types of schools. It is a complementary face for Comenia Serif, released by our friends at Storm Type Foundry.

Botanika Mono Font Family

Botanika Mono Font Family is a monospaced sans-serif typeface that embodies elegance and versatility in its design. The motivation behind the Botanika family was the desire to create a text version of the Magion font.

Atrament Font Family

Atrament Font Family is a strong and elegant sans-serif font family. The Atrament font family was originally conceived in 2003 as the corporate display type family for Suitcase Type Foundry.

Lipo Font Family

Lipo Font Family is a sans serif font family with full simplicity, no clutter in it, just fonts with a gentle flow. With 63 styles available also as separate OpenType fonts, Lipo™ spans two axes

Franci Font Family

Franci Font Family is a modern sans serif font family with multiple stylistic sets and variable weights. Its geometric precision, clean lines and uniform shapes give it a timeless appeal.

Urban Grotesk Font Family

Urban Grotesk Font Family is a geometric sans serif font family created by Suitcase Type Foundry with maintains rationality in designing each form. The primary characteristics are the connection of the rounded stroke to the stem, a round dot,

Tabac Big Font Family

Tabac Big Font Family is a high-contrast display serif font family crafted & designed by Suitcase Type Foundry. But at the same time it offers solutions for orthodox environmentalists who like to save ink and toner — all the fragile hair styles are intended just for them.

Tabac Font Family

Tabac Font Family is sharp serif font family created by Suitcase Type Foundry with an elegant feel. Unique character by combining geometric shapes with organic curvy details. It is primarily designed for the setting of newspapers, magazines and books.

Atyp Font Family

Atyp Font Family is a unique and modern sans serif font family with a clean & edgy vibe. The basic proportions of the uppercase refer to the elementary geometric constructions of the Bauhaus.