Gallinari Font

Gallinari Sans Serif Font

This is a professional sans-serif typeface manufactured by Jehoo Creative. Its tall, narrow style gives it an appearance of modernity and pride, while being humble and clean. Starting from the Heading – Body font is reliable, Has a humanist and geometric character makes it a universal grotesque. Gallinari is equipped with very complete size variants, thin to black, not only that, this font has a condensed style which is paired with Oblique style for a total of 36 fonts in a complete family.

What makes it interesting Gallinari has the Uppercase Display set on ss05 bold and sharp, for the letters C, G, O, Q, S, Z completely changed from their basic shape to meet the wild and cool type of display, ss01 ss02 ss03 ss04 is used to give alternative forms of the basic letters (A, P, R, Q, W, Y, a, w, y).

Please note that Gallinari Sans Serif Font is for personal use only and No Commercial use Allowed! If you want to use this font for Commercial use, you need to purchase a Commercial license here.

: Mar 9, 2022
: 4,846
View all Glyphs Jehoo Creative - Gallinari-ExtraboldCond The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
View all Glyphs Jehoo Creative - Gallinari-ExtBdCondObliq The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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