Hello Melda Script Font

Hello Melda Script Font
Hello Melda Script Font

Hello Melda Script Font is a beautiful script font that was carefully crafted with a touch of elegance. This is a beautiful combination of timeless elegance and authentic calligraphy. It displays a very classic style, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere. Hello Melda is the perfect font for creating original and extraordinary designs.

– Please use a commercial license by purchasing via this link: https://fontbundles.net/pandanwangi/520702-hello-melda-beautiful-script-font

– With only a “Personal Use” license, it is strictly forbidden to use or utilize this font for commercial purposes, be it for advertising, promotion, TV, film, video, motion graphics, YouTube, distro t-shirt design or for product packaging (whether physical or digital ) or any media with the aim of generating profit / profit.

– For corporate / corporate use, please use the Corporate License.

– Using this font with a “Personal Use” license for Commercial purposes regardless of form WITHOUT our permission, will be subject to CORPORATE LICENSE fees.

Information about what license you will need, please contact us at email: [email protected]

Thank you.

: Jan 30, 2021
: 1,771
: pandanwangi
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