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LF Clipped by Pilaster Davy

LFClipped is a (fairly) faithful revival of Clipper by Louis Ferrand, Fonderie Typo. Française 1952. Redolent of an age when smoking was considered a healthy pursuit and a Vodka Martini was a suitable breakfast, LF Clipped is ideal for vintage and retro projects. Served with accents & currency and a twist of lime, shaken, not stirred.

LFClipped is served free for personal use and ‘as is’. If you like LF Clipped, please feel free to make a ‘Vodka Martini’ sized donation to the ‘buy the author a drink fund’ using the donate button. For any commercial use, should you find one for it, a donation (How much is up to you) is mandatory! Cheers!


: Jan 16, 2016
: 192
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