CAT Linz Font


This font was designed after old street signs in Linz, Austria.

The original draft from around the 1950’s very likely stems from the master class for type- and book design at the Linz Art School, later art college and today University of Art and Design Linz, with it’s former director prof. Friedrich Neugebauer. It could just as well be the original was designed at the Linz vocational school for design, later HTL for applioed art under the direction of professor Schreiber. The exact type designer is unfortunately unknown.

This font was created from suggestion in the forum.

There are over 1800 characters available in total. The font now includes all Latin Unicode blocks, as well as Cyrillic, Greek (incl. Polytones Greek) and ligatures according to UNZ1 recommendation. Also IPA phonetics characters are available on the intended Unicode places. Further, currency symbols are included beyond the usual scope, like the Turkish lira and Russian ruble symbol.

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Free for commercial use



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