Chameleon consists of 16 fonts based on 3 completely different designs. Different but specially designed to complement each other. Together they form a well-balanced design kit suitable for many different projects, e.g. invites, menus, magazines, brochures, packaging, etc.

Chameleon comes in three styles: 2 outline versions and a basic (solid) version. To combine Chameleon with Chameleon Fill, you will need an application that allows you to stack text frames. Once you start layering different fills, like a true chameleon, you can change colors and patterns. Simply place several layers on top of each other, choose from 7 fills to determine your pattern and assign a color to the fill. Always place one of the outline versions of Chameleon on the top layer.

Chameleon Basic

Chameleon Outline 1

Chameleon Outline 2

Chameleon Fill Solid

Chameleon Fill Skin 1

Chameleon Fill Skin 2

Chameleon Fill Stripe 1

Chameleon Fill Stripe 2

Chameleon Fill Stripe 3

Chameleon Fill Stripe 4

Chameleon Pen

Chameleon Pen Italic

Chameleon Sketch Basic

Chameleon Sketch Hatch

Chameleon Sketch Outline

Chameleon Sketch Extra





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