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Kleide Font Family

Kleide Font is a sans serif font family with multiple stylistic sets and variable weights. It’s designed and shared by Nootype. The Kleide family includes 6 weights, from Thin to Black, with their corresponding italics.

Lazare Grotesk Font Family

Lazare Grotesk Font is a simple, geometric and versatile font family inspired by Futura and Avenir. The family comprises seven weight, from UltraThin to Black, with not only italic but with backslanted too, which allows to make fun and cool layout.

Primera Font Family

Primera Font is a geometric sans serif family with versatility in mind. The very low contrast gives a rough appearance to this typeface. The regular and medium weights have been fully adjusted for long running texts to work well at small sizes.

Qiproko Font Family

Qiproko Font is a geometric sans, efficiently built from straight lines and simple circles. The squared curves remind the shape of the cathode ray tube monitor, giving a retro feel to the characters.

Felice Font Family

Felice Font is a meticulously designed modern serif font family. The humanistic touch gives a warm aspect to this complete text font. Those italics are perfect to give a refined look to text.

Devinyl Font Family

Devinyl Font is a strong and elegant family font display. The typeface is entirely composed in capital. The uppercase is inspired by old grotesk from late 19th and the lowercase is a humanist-sans.

Radikal Font Family

Radikal Font Family is a streamlined, updated take on midcentury type design. It’s designed and shared by Nootype. The Radikal family includes 7 weights, from UltraThin to Black, with their corresponding italics.

Rubiesque Font Family

Rubiesque Sans Serif Font is a geometric font family created by Nootype with a warm, engaging character. Rubiesque is a sans combining humanist and...

Rubis Font Family

Rubis Serif Font is a classic serif font family created by Nootype with a modern twist. It’s a family with a serious aspect but...

Solanel Font Family

Solanel Sans Serif Font is a modern sans-serif born from the equilibrium between geometric shapes and humanist details. This is a low contrasted and...

Merry Scriptmas Font

Merry Scriptmas Script Font This is a classy and distinct serif font crafted & designed by Nootype. Add it confidently to your favorite creations and...

Selfica Font Family

Selfica – Sans Type Family Start a beautiful day with a new font family. It is Sans Type Family. You will be pleased to use...